BERKLEY HOOPS prides itself with keeping our registration costs down and eliminating the candy fundraiser for several years now. In an effort to share the responsibilities of fundraising, we are asking each team to supply baked goods (which can be bagels, donuts, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, fruit, etc.), pop, and volunteers to work our Concession Stand each Saturday.


  • Each team has been assigned a date and time slot to work.
  • Coaches:  Please find at least two (2) parents to volunteer to organize your team‚Ä™s donations and to work the Concession Stand.  Please remind your players/parents that all items MUST be in the Anderson Middle School kitchen by 9:00 a.m. each Saturday morning, no matter what time you are slotted to work or when you game is being played.
  • Each team may decide how to divide up their time slot.  We need two to three parents at their appointed time slots.
  • The Concession Stand will be set up before the first team arrives and an explanation of what to do will be given to the parents.  A Board Member will be on hand at all times to assist the parents.
  • ¬ If your team cannot make the assigned date, please contact another coach and trade days with them.
  • Remember, having the Concession Stand run smoothly means no outside fundraisers.  So, please do all you can to keep the Concession Stand up and running.


Ann Weed

(248) 376-5454

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